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QUESTION: I found a Kerma Mach 3 windsurfer but can not find ANY information on it.  Any leads on where I can get specific information on this?

ANSWER: Hey Brian,

There will be very little if any info to be found on those old Kerma boards. They were only in production a few years and are very obsolete. A few parts may be replaceable but it really depends on what is missing. If you are considering buying this, ensure ALL parts are there as the mast base and centerboard are exclusive to that board and almost impossible to replace. If you haven't bought it, keep on shopping for something a bit newer. If you own this board and  you are looking for specific parts, send me a couple of pics of what you have and your best description of what you think you need. I might be able to help.

Hope this helps.
Keep on sailing,

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QUESTION: I got it for free.  All parts appear to be in good condition.  The sail is like new except missing the battens.  I have had sail boats before but never a sail board.  Not sure how to assemble the whole thing.  Boom to mast, which of 2 mast to board sockets to use, etc.  Is there an assembly manual available?

Hey Brian,

Finding a manual would be like winning the lottery. The best I can do for you is direct you to some very detailed explainations I have written on rigging. At the main page of AllExperts, put in 'How to rig a windsurfer'. Most of the answers are mine. Look for the one with the diagram for details of a windsurfer, but be sure to read a few of them to find the best rigging set up for your rig. As for battens, just about any windsurf shop carries battens that can be trimmed to fit. Windance and Big Winds are here in the Gorge and there are a number of shops online that will have batten material. Be sure to get end caps to protect your batten pockets and tightening straps.

Hope this helps.
Keep on sailing,

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