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Suzuki/engine start in samurai


I have a 86 sammy. I was driving and everything was fine. Then i noticed fuel gage went to empty. Stopped at my destination and turned it off. when I tried to restart 15 min later could hear starter click but wouldn't turn over. Head lights were a little weak but radio worked fine. Not having any jumper cables and being by myself and having a decline, i put it in neutral, dumped the clutch and it stared fine. idled good everything seemed ok. I turned on headlights it killed the engine. Tried a couple more times same result. So I left it and came back in the morning so i could get it home without using lights. It made it about 10 miles steadily losing power as i went. It finally shut off and wouldn't restart. any thoughts or suggestions?

Recharge the battery first, of course, disassemble and clean the battery terminals as necessary, and then see what happens.  It should start and run readily with a fully charged battery and good electrical connections.  
A couple of things come to mind
Corroded or dirty battery connections
Alternator stopped charging, maybe bad connections at the alternator, or alt needs to be replaced/rebuilt.
Oh yeah! Don't forget something that I once forgot to check on my own sammy and spent a couple of unpleasant hours in a snowstorm before I found it - a loose or badly worn alternator belt!


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