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Suzuki/Seat belts Suzuki Vitara 1999


Both of the seat belts seem to be jammed in the driver's  and passenger's seat. Can't pull them out to buckle up. Is there something we can do to fix this?  If not, where can we go to buy & install new ones?

I mostly only deal with samurais from the eighties, but will suggest that if you can't free them up, that you try an online search for the parts both in salvage yards, and online sources.
Most of the time I'm helping people get their 4wd ready for off road stuff, and usually recommend five point seat belts to replace the stock ones.


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David Scott


Questions regarding the advisability of different kinds of modifications to Samurai/Sidekick/Tracker for various kinds of off-road usage. IF IT'S NOT A SAMURAI/SIDEKICK/TRACKER, I MAY ENTIRELY AT MY OPTION, MAKE A GENERALIZED STAB AT THE ANSWER, BUT WHEN YOU ASK NON-SAMURAI SORT OF STUFF, REMEMBER THAT i'M NO LONGER IN A FIELD I KNOW WELL, AND SOME OF MY RESPONSES WILL NOT NECESSARILY BE OTHER THAN GENERAL INFO. The last Suzuki motorcycle I've had any experience with is a 1966 X-6, when I owned it in 1967.


I've been a professional mechanic for over thirty five years, live in the center of the Rocky Mountains, and have been active in exploring the old mining/4wd roads for decades. I've specific experience with Samurai modification, because that's my personal vehicle.

Thirty five years of advanced, intensive classes for experienced professionals only. Manufacturer seminars and training classes averaging four to six weeks per year. I'm now a professional heavy duty fleet mechanic, and no longer deal with issues such as MIL (check engine) lights, and electronics issues on late Suzukis such as Vitara.

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