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Suzuki/No Compression / 1997 16 valve 1.6L Suzuki


I have come across this scenario twice in my automotive career.
1.6 Liter Suzuki 16 valve SOHC. No Start / No Compression
Had compression on initial check and within minutes a recheck for compression proved that there was very little compared to the 150PSI on the earlier check. Timing cover is off and the timing is right on the mark. Crank sprocket is in good condition and the timing marks are accurate to the TDC of cylinder #1 and the belt has not slipped.
After an extended cranking session the engine finally started to run poorly and as it ran a little longer, seemed to run fine.
Another compression check and all the readings are good.

Here's the question; What can be the cause of the lost compression?

I'm only thoroughly familiar with the 8valve 1.3 liter, but I believe that the 1.6 liter has hydraulic lifters.  
I suppose that deposits in the lifters, causing them to hold the valves slightly open, or excessively high oil pressure due to an extremely high viscosity lubricant in the engine or a stuck oil pressure relief valve in the oil pump could be a causal factor.
One should not discount the possibility that deposits on the rocker arms could be making the rocker arms "sticky" (I did see this once on a 1.3 8 valve that on which the bottom end was rebuilt and nothing was done in service or repair to the cylinder head)  
A cylinder leakdown test would identify the problem if the test is performed during the period of time when there is low compression.


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