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We will be arriving to Stockholm as the last stop of a cruise. We want to stay in Stockholm for 2 days after the cruise. I am so confused about what to see, where to stay etc. Is it best to stay in the Old Town or is there a another region which would be closer to the attractions. My husband has limited walking but he will be using a mobility scooter. Some hotel selections would be appreciated. We would like a nice hotel in a good location  which is accessible without having to pay a huge rate. Are most of the popular attractions located close to each other or do you need transportation to each of them. I could ask many more questions but would appreciate as much info you are willing to give to me. I really appreciate your time and expertise.


Thank you for your enquiry, nice that you will stay in Stockholm. For a 2 days visit, a central location is convenient, for instance Old Town. Stockholm is not huge and offers good local transportation, so other parts such as Östermalm, Södermalm and Norrmalm could be convenient as well. Many popular attractions are located in Djurgården island and in Gamla Stan/Old Town. Please see our hotels offers on , contact us and we'll find a good solution for you, and can also help out further.

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