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Hello Paul

When I do the underwater dolphin kick (the so called 5th stroke) I tend to surface very fast. How can I do it longer as in the turns/starts. I guess it's my body position.

Thank you


Hello Eddie,

How fast you surface from the water after underwater dolphin kicking depends on how much force you push off of the wall and how deep you descend before ascending again. It will also depend on the angle that your streamline arms are pointed towards. Try experimenting with all 3 factors and you should be able to hold your streamline underwater for a lot longer. When you dive, make sure you land in the water at a slant and allow yourself to descend some distance before you start to rise, the force that you land your dolphin kicks with during the time that you are rising will also depend how far you will go underwater; the stronger the kick, the farther you will propel. You could also prolong your streamline by slanting your streamline arms a bit downward which will temporarily force your body to fight against the buoyancy of the water (this is only temporary). When pushing off the wall, use the same concept, make sure you push off the wall at a perpendicular angle to the wall or at a lower angle, and not slanted upward (because you will rise a lot faster). Hope this has helped in some way, and remember, the maximum streamline distance is 15 yards (if I recall correctly), anything more than that and you will be disqualified in a competitive race. Also, it is usually a good idea to rise from your streamline at the point when you feel that you've begun to lose speed/momentum, this will save you the time of a slow rising streamline.  

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