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Swimming Pool & Spa Construction & Maintenance/too high filter pressure pop-up zones not working


Allen wrote at 2009-06-17 03:12:40
I just had the Same problem.  1 of the valves in the caretaker 5-port valve had a tear in it.  I installed a rebuild kit and the problem seems to be fixed.

J wrote at 2009-07-28 15:02:26
I've had the excat same problem with my caretaker. My caretaker does not have the relief valve on the actual caretaker, just on the filter itself. Anyway I used a rebuild kit due to the pistons being very loose. After re-assemble presuure is down but the heads only 1 head is working and the pressure is down to 22 psi. Tera it apart again tonight and I'll update.

Kim wrote at 2009-09-18 20:31:19
I am having the same problem, just started last week. I borrowed an "empty" housing to install in place of the malfunctioning one. The skimmers started working again. This means that the problem is within the caretaker housing assembly. I also checked the pistons for pluggage, but water faucet water flowed straight through them. I'm not sure how to fix yet. I've ordered a complete rebuild kit to install next week.

Kim wrote at 2009-09-18 20:51:20
Another thing that happened about a month ago - my chlorine tablet dispenser malfunctioned, and I have chlorine gas trapped in my main pump system. I read on a polaris flow chart that a malfunctioning chlorinator can lead to having to rebuild the cartaker housing frequently (<3 yrs). We just installed a re-build kit in February of this year.

John Corzine wrote at 2015-10-27 11:23:46
The 5 port Pistons inside the assembly are made up of hard plastic with a rubber gasket.  Water pressure and the steel ball work to hold a selected piston OPEN so water flows.  Your problem is the rubber gasket inside the piston has developed cracks, holes, and is ALWAYS allowing some water to the pool from the bad Pistons.  A quick check, pull unit, turn over before removing 6 screws holding the covers together, press on the Pistons, you should feel resistance on 4 of them, no resistance, the gaskets are bad, simply buy a rebuild kit which provides 5 new Pistons a new gear package and all gaskets.

Make sure the filter screen is facing with the crown UP when you reinstall.

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