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We have a 30k gallon pool that cost about $400 to $500 to have someone babysit(keep it from becomeing green, etc) it so to speak when we leave for about two months to escape our Texas heat in the summer.
Its an odd shape so an automatic pool cover wouldn't fit but we have a Katch a Kid system which is a strong vinyl spider web system that covers over the pool that we put on before we leave (even though our yard is fenced this gives added safety to prevent a kid falling in).   If we were to put one (or double up and put two) of the tarp type pool covers on top of the Katch a Kid along with the water bags to hold them so that there would be very little light getting through, could we throw in some mosquito dunks and cholrine floaters when we left and thereby  cut down on the needed pool checks to say every three to four weeks

It might work as long as the tarps stay in place and don't get blown off in a thunderstorm.  I do have two better solutions:

1.  Install a saltwater chlorination system with pH control.  The system only needs to have salt aded about every month or two and with no usage, it will go much longer.  The salt cell will keep chlorine in your pool and the pH control will make sure your pH doesn't climb to high and damage the pool surface.  We have left our pool for 4 weeks on this system with no checking and it looked great with the exception of some debris on the bottom when we returned.

2.  Install a solid safety cover.  They will install small brass anchors in the deck and pull the solid cover tight in between them.  It will not allow any light to pass through and it is safe if a child or animal were to walk on it.  This cover will not blow of or allow algae to grow.  

If you added both then your pool would stay clear for a very long time with no checks needed.

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