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I have a fiberglass pool and there is sand coming out of the broken light  trim. The light ring has broken off. How can I fix this?  Thanks, Rick

It sounds like the light niche has broken and sand from behind the pool shell is coming into the pool.  Are you losing water?  The best way to check is to turn off your auto fill and let the pool sit for 24 hours with the pump off.  Place a 5 gallon bucket 1/2 filled with water on the top step and mark the water level inside the bucket (bucket water level) and outside (pool water level).  After 24 hours see if the water has dropped the same  (no leak) or if the level has dropped more on the pool side (you have a leak).  We mark the level of the water in the bucket to take evaporation into account.

If there is a leak and the light niche is broken the only way to fix it is to cut the deck, dig down and install a new light niche through the shell.  If it's not leaking, I'm not sure where the sand is coming from but it may just be some sand left over from construction inside the light niche or electrical conduit that carries the light wire.

A good picture of the problem would help me to better resolve your issue.

Hope this helps-

Frank Bowman

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