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Hi, i live in Thailand where expert advice and materials are scarce. My 8mx4m pool needs regrouting. I have been recommended to use Weber colour HR swimming pool grout ( which is available here ). A swimming pool company has told me that the existing grout will not need to be removed as the grout beds are deep enough to take the new grout. They said existing grout will just need power washing before applying new grout. However i am concerned as whilst most of the grout beds have 2-2.5mm depth from existing grout to tile surface, large areas of my pool have less than 1mm depth from existing grout to tile surface. I am concerned that the grout beds are not deep enough to ensure a successfull job? Any advice is much needed and appreciated. Thanks Jim

Well ideally the depth require is thickness of the tile.
What might look like 2 mm but hardly me 1m at places I would advice to remove all the grout from the tile joint and regrout it, since then only actual results will come.
But do you know the reason of happening the same since it might recur.
Kindly check the water chemistry.
Are you using TCCA? if using what is method of dosing?

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