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i recently aquired a 2002 sundance camrio spa when i purchased a home.  It was empty when i bought the house.  I was able to fill the spa up and get everything working so i thought.  The spa heated the water and it appeared all the jets were working properly.  I was going to get in it for the firt time a day later and i saw "OH" on the control panel.  i looked up the error code on line and saw that the water was too hot but when i felt the water it did not appear to be too hot at all. i tried to turn the jets on but nothing would work so i turned off the breaker and turned it back on the next day.  Everything seems to work for a short time then i got  this, "--d" on the control panel.  The water was warm but not hot.  I know nothing about spas and have not been able to find any type of error code "--d" any help would be appreciated.


Sorry to inform that the spa mentioned I have come across.
But a search on net did yield following manual.
Since in the manual I could not find the error listed.
Maybe you can go following link to download the correct manual: http://www.sundancespas.com/customer-care/
Since it requires a Serial number of the machine.

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