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We were looking at homes for sale in Florida and a lot have small pools in enclosed Florida rooms.   Since we would plan to leave from July thru September we'd like to be able to just cover the pool with a opaque pool cover and leave without running the filter pump and worrying about a break or malfunction but it sounds like that is not an option.  We use to have a fish pond and one can buy the 45mil rubber liners in large sizes.  How about just draining the pool putting a rubber liner in it (so its like a big fish pond) refilling it, put an opaque cover over it and leaving it for a few months without the filter going.  Any algae that grows will be on the rubber liner so on our return we could drain the pool pull the liner and then refill the pool.   While it would be nice to have a pool to use in the winter as it sounds like the Florida room pools only dip down to the low 70's the main concern was we would want a house where we could just lock and leave in the summer and would not want a pool if it is going to be like a toddler (if you can't leave it alone and uncared for a length of time)

Hi Rod,

Thanks for your question. I don't intend to come across as snide, but what would be the point in having a pool in the first place? It would be less expensive to keep the pool running properly & available than to turn it into a fish pond that you couldn't swim in...

Your safety concerns are very valid, so I would definitely suggest purchasing & installing a safety cover to keep unwanted guests out while you're out of the house. With a safety cover on the pool, you could easily remove it & have the pool available for the months that you are there.

I hope that helps.  

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