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Just got my 20x40 gunite pool marble dusted. I was told to wait 28 days before I can use my pool butler(cleaner) while marble dust us curing. We are brushing as we were told to do , then vacuum with a vacuum used for vinyl pools (which we had to purchase.) What is the reason for not being able to use our usual pool butler. It has rubber wheels just like the other vacuum. We had our marble dusting done on 6/11/13. We are still brushing up a lot of sand.

Hi Rita,

Vinyl liner vacuums normally DO NOT have any type of wheels - brushes only.

Leaving a curing period of 28 days has been a standard held for over 20 years to help alleviate "mottling" of the pool finish.

Be sure that the water balance is being maintained - especially pH (7.2-7.6), Total Alk about 100 ppm & Calcium Hardness about 250 - 300 ppm - so that the new finish cures properly. If these balance parameters are not maintained, the plaster will not cure properly & potential discoloration is likely to occur.

The sand that you mention could be coming from a variety of places, such as your patio, so you should check with your contractor.

I hope that helps.

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