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QUESTION: When my inground pool turns on there are no jets bubbling. I check the filter bskt and it is slow moving , as well as the jet in the deep end. I sometimes backwash the pool , and the jets are working great, as well as the water flow in the filter bskt. Only problem is it lasts a few hours only. I am frustrated. Also, I have a salt water system, I have put in 12 40# bags of salt this season, and it is registering 1400. Should I add more salt? I had to shock pool with 5gallons of chlorine plus algaecide, due to algae growth. That helped. I had the filter filter cleaned cleaned at start of season.

ANSWER: Hi Dawn,

Thanks for your question. In order to give you a complete answer, please tell me everything about the pool - size (dimensions, not gallons), filter type, pump, other pool problems.

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My pool is a 20x40 inground. Hayward pump and filter. Mineral springs salt generator. I have had pool 6 seasons. The cell has never been replaced. Any help I can get would be great.

Hi Dawn,

I apologize for the delay.

In order for ANY salt/chlorine generator to work properly & produce chlorine, the salt level MUST be between 2700 ppm and 3400 ppm.

Here's a link to an easy to read chart for determining how much salt to add:


I hope that helps.

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