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I have just had a new inground pool installed 15X30 with steps at the shallow end. The first time I jumped in I noticed that the liner just under the steps was pulled tight but there was about an inch of separation from the pool wall.
This being a high traffic area with kids going in and out constantly I have to think that this would be high probability to tearing.
I contacted the pool company and was advised this is normal. I am hesitant to accept this reply and if it needs to be addressed I would like to have them do so now before any final payments are made.
Please advise.

Hi Darryl,

Thanks for your question.

What you describe SOMETIMES does happen for a variety of reasons. When our company was doing installs & liner changes, we would always do our best to ensure a good fit.

The odds of anything happen are going to be slim, except if the area is regularly "picked" at...

If you don't feel comfortable, simply ask the contractor if he would be willing to "guarantee" the area against any problem for a period of time. You'll need to negotiate the time frame. If the dealer is a long local good history, he should have no problem putting that in writing. If not, then you'll need to take appropriate steps to protect your investment.

Keep in mind that this type of "separation" should only need be scrutinized if you have fiberglass/acrylic stairs that have the liner cut out around a faceplate. If the liner goes over the stairs, this separation is really a non-issue (my own pool liner is about 4 years old with the liner over the stairs & there are 3 or 4 corner areas that have this "separation"). These have never been an issue.

I hope that helps.

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