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I have a 10K gallon residential pool in Tampa, FL area. I have a Haywood pump. Use chlorine tablets and pool protected by a screen enclosure. Today is the second time this has happened as when I empty water out of the pool, due to heavy rains, I lose pressure and the water stops draining out. It starts again then stops draining. When I put it back to the normal function I get an on and off pressure drop. I did note to check the main drain and skimmer drain. I have found when the skimmer drain is closed off all works fine, with the main drain only open, so I assume there is a blockage from the skimmer basket line to the pump area. The baskets are all clear. I don't own a snake to snake out the pipe so is there another way to check as to what or if there is a blockage somewhere in that skimmer line? I don't want to damage the pump. Thanks.

Hi Robert,

Thanks for your question.

Frankly, it sounds as if there's insufficient water in the pool. Even if the pool level is down just a half inch, it may be just enough to cause some cavitation & temporary loss of suction.

Trying raising the water level about an inch or so.

I hope that helps.

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