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I can not get the water to stop swirling inside the strainer of my Haward super pump . I have replaced  the gasket . The water was just like glass but not now .

Hi Jim,

Thanks for your question.

The short answer is that you have air getting into the pump from somewhere. Considering that you probably just opened the pool, I would say that your predicament is normal (my own pool does that to me year in & year out).

I typically recommend to my customers that they just give it a couple of days. Beyond that, here are a couple of things to check:

1. the pool's water level. Even if it's just a 1/2 inch low, that can cause that air problem.
2. check any glued or clamped fittings. If older, these can allow a small amount of air in.
3. check the impeller. If the impeller is clogged [even a little), the pump will not properly draw. Check this link: http://www.parpools.com/Page/Help/Pool/Pump-no-work.html

I hope that helps.

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