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deck problem
deck problem  
We built our 18 x 36 in-ground vinyl liner pool in 1984 and have never had any problems until the last few years. We replaced our liner in in 1998 and then last summer, 2013 (so we generally keep a liner 14-15 years). When the liner was replaced last summer we were told the dirt beneath the concrete (see attached picture) had eroded and completely disappeared. Our house was built on top of a steep hill in 1974; when we built the pool in 1984 the pool company simply flatten out an area on top of the hill, put the pool in, did the deck, and then later we added more concrete to make a bigger deck.
The attached picture is the side of the pool that has the problem --it is the 4 foot strip of concrete next to the pool and the worst area is in the shallow end corner --in that area you can put a stick in the expansion joint and tell that dirt is missing about 3 feet deep --as it goes toward the deep end it does not appear to be that deep. Is there a way to back-fill or drill holes and put something back in the eroded area? We are trying not to have to break up the old concrete and completely redo the deck. We would like to fill in the void and then do some type of coating/ thin coat over the existing concrete. I would appreciate any suggestions or ideas you might have.

Injection grouting seems to be the ideal and cost effective options.
What you can do is to insert a pipe in the pour slurry of sand and cement in ratio of 1 part of cement to 6 parts of sand and water to make it flow in the hole.
It would consolidate and make it strong to withstand the load of the deck.
By pouring slurry it arrest further erosion of the soil.

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