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Hi, I have an inground swimming pool of approx 45 meters cubed. It has been in service for about 4 years with no real problems but last winter a number of storms dropped a large amount of very fine silt which is now difficult. Vaccuming simply disturbs it. The 2 micron robot cleaner is run for 3 hours a day and does remove some but only small volumes with the remainder being dispersed into the water. The clarifiers I have tried do not seemed to have helped. I have a sand filter system with auto chlorination and pH adjustment. Any ideas on products or techniques for removing the silt?

Hi Andy,

Thanks for your question.

In your particular case & mainly because you do have a sand filter you should be able to simply vacuum that fine silt directly out of the pool using the "WASTE" setting on your filter's multiport valve (as found on almost all 6 or 7 position multiport valves).

Just in case your filter is not equipped with one of these valves, you could backwash the silt out.

Either way will cause a major loss of water so work quickly trying to disturb as little as possible.

Here's a link: http://www.parpools.com/Page/Help/Pool/How_to_vacuum_a_swimming_pool.html

I hope that helps.

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