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I have a 24 x 48 pool, approximately 15000 gallons. I had issues last year with clarity and never really cleared it up. I leave the water level over the winter at below the skimmer. When I opened it a couple of weeks ago, I topped it off with water, vacuumed the bottom and sides and added algaecide, two bags of shock and let it run. It still had a greenish color. My Alkalinity and Ph is in its correct level and it looks like the chlorine is correct. It might be a hair low. I just added more algaecide earlier today. I read tonight that algaecide wont work by itself. Im just looking for some suggestions. Thank you.

Hi Robert,

Sorry to take so long getting back to you... 'tis the season!

My first recommendation to you would be to REALLY shock the pool. 2 bags just aren't going to cut it. I would go with 8 - 10 bags at one shot. You don't want to play with algae; you want to dispose of it.

Also, be sure to run the filter continually without backwashing until it clears.

Here's some further information for you:


I hope that helps! Let me know.

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