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QUESTION: Hi: I have a Viking Superior spa that is plumbed with only water jets and would like to add air injectors to it. For years I had a Sunwave swim spa with both a blower and the jets wich I liked much more then this one because of all the action with the water, that spa had a large air box as part of the spa as this one does not. the spa sits in the bottom part of a double deck with a 2 HP blower up top in an bath house, so the plumbing for the blower is all there in a concrete frame in the ground with a 2" PVC pipe coming through. My question is could I Install air injectors in the spa and then hook them up to the 2" line already there, and also can I just use I guess a Tee and go in series from one to the next to the next,on should I use a manifold, If all this is possible could you send me a list of the parts I would need. Thanks,. Bob

ANSWER: Thanks for your question.

Typically air is added through a completely separate system of jets & plumbing. Reason: using existing plumbing, water \WILL back up & short out the blower first time & every time out.

I frankly don't how else to advise you...

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Ron: I'm sorry I may have confused you ,what I am planning on doing is adding a completely separate set of air injectors wth barbed fittings of the back of them and connecting them thru a manifold to a 2" blower line already there. The blower is located 4 feet above the spa in a bath house so water will not get to it. Thanks

Now THAT makes sense! Thanks for clarifying... it's amazing what I sometimes read in these questions...

Your plan should work fine. Here's a link to all of the fittings you'll need & you can order from there as well:


I hope that helps. Thanks in advance!

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