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I have been dealing with this for several months green water,cloudy water and chlorine lock i have used shock, analgesia,bleach,chlorine tablets,low and slow it can have the water cloudy one day with chlorine and the next day no chlorine and green i have been following the process of the pool place and it is now green i need help pleassse!

Hi Barbara,

Sorry for the delay in responding.

It sounds to me as if you have a true Chlorine Demand problem that is obviously not being properly addressed. What you need to have performed is a specific Chlorine Demand Test that can only be done at a BioGuard Platinum dealer. We're the only pool stores that have this technology.

Without a CD test being done, you & the local pool store are simply guessing at how much shock to add without figuring an exact quantity. The problem is that if you don't add enough shock at one time (let's say you need 30 lbs of shock & you only add 20 lbs), you'll never "cure" the Demand.

Here's a link for further info (video & text):


You can also use that link for instructions as to how to send ParPools.com a sample of the water so that we can test it for you.

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