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Our kreepy krauly hasnt been working all summer therefore we now have green algae. We tried shock treatment and algaecide and replaced numerous parts for the kreepy and hoses with no success.The pressure on the pentair tagleus sand filter is 50 - 57. We have tried backwashing but minimal amts of water comes out. Our pool size is 20,000 gal. We live in Tucson, AZ.


Hi Rich,

Thanks for your question.

Based on what you've told me, rather than playing around with it, I would get a local pool service to come out & find out why it's not backwashing; something is definitely clogged up.

I would also check your pH, TA & other water balance.

Not to sound snarky, but if the automatic cleaner isn't working, it's time to break out the old manual stuff & get the job done. If the pool isn't being regularly cleaned, you're going to have algae & other problems plain & simple.

Once the filter is taken care of, the Kreepy should work fine or well.

These may not be the answers you want to hear, but, I'm just being truthful.

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