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I'm planning an 8 days trip with my husband to Switzerland and Paris by taking the train from Geneva to Paris.. but we have no idea where to go in Switzerland and which cities would be best to visit... we wanna see the real Switzerland, explore its culture and enjoy top attractions and all that in 4 days! I would really appreciate your help in this... Thank you so much :)


ANSWER: hello Mariana,
well first, welcome to Switzerland. When will you be travelling to Geneva? You would like to see as much as possible in  4 days! Some is possible, not all. Will you be travelling by car, or around Switzerland by train too? I can certainly help you choose where to go and what to see, but would need more information from you first. Like where are you staying? Have you fixed accommodation? Let me know. You can also log into my website: www.myswissholidaytips.com for more detailed idea of what service I supply.Looking forward to hearing from you.Brigid

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QUESTION: Hi again Brigid,

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer me and I'm sorry about the brief info I've provided :) So here are the details:
We're going in September (2nd or third week)
we haven't decided where to stay or where to land ( I mean, we must end up at Geneva to take the train to Paris but we can arrive to Geneva, Basel or Zurich)
As for internal transportation, I think i prefer the train, unless a car would be more convenient and interesting

I really appreciate your help on this and I'll check your website now :)


Alpine Jackdaws enjoying the view
Alpine Jackdaws enjoyi  
Hello Mariana,
Have you already booked your train from Geneva to Paris? If not, then I would suggest flying to Zürich, getting train passes (see my website ) take 4 hours travelling to the Bernese Oberland (my area), then enjoy the best parts of the area: Jungfraujoch, Schilthorn, Boat trips, in a few days. And the best bit is you can the leave from Interlaken on the train to Paris with only one change in Basel to the TGV, the French highspeed train. However this train must be booked in advance. If you have already booked your train from Geneva, then I still recommend coming to this area for (almost) the most beautiful and specatcular Alpine trips and views. If you need any more assistance, then please engage me as in my website.   www.myswissholidaytips.com

By the way, will you be flying in from Jordan?

Thank you


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