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Always worked fine.  Now lost the connection on my secondary pc.  When trying to connect/repair etc, it will not show my newwork -gabirose4 , but 2 neighbors.. Than somehow I get the gabirose4 , than get a message that the TCP/ip not installed..  
I use Windows 7 on main pc, and XP on the one I lost connection - wireless connection.  Use Bitdefender as my firewall - checked there could not see anything...  
I have a Linksysy router WRT54GS

If you can help or guide, thank you,   Gabe

I would troubleshoot in this order:

Check if the wireless adapter is working properly
Check if the adapter is able to detect the wireless connections
Check if the router is able to transmit the signals.

If you are not able to figure out the issue take your laptop to a different place where you got wireless internet and see if the laptop is able detect the connection. Hope this helps.

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