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A month ago I purchased a windows 8 Alienware laptop. It works beautifully and I was having no problems what so ever. 2 weeks after I got it, I noticed that I was having a lot of trouble connecting to my Internet. My other devices were able to connect just fine. The problem went away after a few days. Now yesterday, I noticed the same problem. I was able to use Skype, hamachi, and a few other apps that used Internet service, but I was unable to connect to any webpages without my session being ended with a "page cannot be displayed". I typically use google chrome. I tried Internet explorer only to suffer the same problem. I also disabled the proxy thing which seemed to be the solution for most people but had no success. Please help me. Thank you

There might be a plenty of reasons on this issue.  Since you said it is working with other applications your modem and router should not be an issue. However check your Internet browser and set it to Default settings. Use the Network Troubleshooter of Windows and see if it detects any issues. Try to ping a few websites and see if you are getting a good result also keep the ping results open for a while with ping -t and find out if there is a variance in the Milli seconds. If there is a huge variance or droppings in connection then check with your Internet Service Provider. Some of the routers might not be compatible and you might have to check this area too on what the make of the router you have. Hope this helps in resolving your issue.

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