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        I am using Dell Vostro 15 3000 series. Recently I have changed the OS. I installed windows 8.1 pro. After this my laptop became slow. I would like to know what are the reasons for this and how to make my laptop faster?

That's really bad your computer's performance has slowed.  It happens over time when you start using more and more.  Hope below tips will help you to check and resolve the issue.

1.  Open the Task Manager and see what programs are running currently which is taking more CPU or Memory.  Stop any programs which are running as your user which you don't need.
2.  Re-visit all the software you installed, if you don't need or use any of them uninstall them.
3.  Run a Virus Scan and see if any infections.
4.  Run a Spyware Scan and see if any infections.
5.  What are the programs which start automatically when you restart your PC.  If you dont need any of them remove it.
6.  Check and delete files you don't need if you have very less free space in the Hard Drive.

As a first step performing the above steps should resolve your issue.

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