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I have written a pilot and a couple of episodes for a 1/2 hour sit-com that is mostly "Spoof" comedy and I am concerned about how to write the query and synopsis as not to get a chance to be get past the two and get someone to read the pilot itself. The closest shows I can relate it to is "My Name is Earl" or maybe "Reno 911". I have read on the web to post it on "The Blacklist" web site and perhaps get to read the two shows Treatments but I think The Blacklist is either no longer in business or maybe part they have merged with another Co. I can join other sites but I would like to narrow the field; it's a lot of$$    THANK YOU FOR ANY THOUGHTS!

Though this isn't really my area, I've heard good things about "ink tip". Professionals routinely search the site looking for new talent/ideas. One of the good things is you'll get a statistic on how many reads you've had.

I'd also register the work with the Writers Guild of America (WGA). Its cheaper than copyrighting the work and much faster.

Good luck.  

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