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Hi there,

I am an associate producer in the UK who has worked in the industry for almost 7 years. I have worked directly for the BBC and many other independent production companies. I have made documentaries, children’s TV, formatted programmes, lifestyle programmes and specialist factual content. I have also worked for many in years in development. I have extensive experience in writing proposals and scripts as well as limited experience in filming. I have filmed all over Europe, China and North America. One of my previous productions won a BAFTA for best children’s programme.

This gives a brief overview of my experience as I am looking for advice and guidance for continuing my career in Ontario. My wife is Canadian and we plan to move to Canada next year living in the GTA. I will be applying for residency so hope not to encounter any issues with potential companies not receiving tax benefits for employing me.

As I said any tips, information, advice or warnings would be greatly received. I hope very much to continue and build my career in Canada and I hope that my skillset and experience would be attractive to potential employers.

Many thanks


Hello Alex

My best suggestion for you would be to visit and familiarize yourself with the available jobs (both voluntary and paid) in the area for which you are planning on residing, given that Canada is pretty spread out and you should allow yourself a fair sized surrounding parameter such as within 100km of your home for example, as there may be numerous opportunities just outside of the area in which you would hope there is work... and as you are probably already away, your next job is only going to be as good as your last so once you have proven yourself competent in the field and have built  up some contacts you should be well on your way.  As I suggest some voluntary work as those are the ones that  will generally get you noticed and you will get names and productions that are coming up.

Since you have worked with the BBC, you may also want to try your luck at the mother corp (CBC) as it is generally a sister station to the BBC but note this is a union shop so any work you do there will have to be working on egg shells until you fit in.

Good Luck, Cheers and welcome to Canada!


Mike Dacre
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