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I have many tv shows copyrighted that i hve been told are totally origional. I am looking for someone to work with me on this that has experience, whats the best move first, dont want to go in totally green. Thanks robert

Hi, Robert -

The best thing to do is look for an entertainment attorney, as it is terribly difficult for someone new and untested to get an agent to represent them.  

Every year, the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER runs an article on the top entertainment attorneys.  You can find them online.  You are looking for someone transactional.  Now, you are unlikely to get a named partner onboard, but you will be able to see which firms are working successfully.

Another, more involved research technique is to get a membership to IMDBPro - they usually have free trials.  You can research people who are listed as producers on reality shows similar in style to what you are trying to sell, and in some cases, the contact information will include agents, managers and attorneys.

You might also consider going to the annual NATPE convention in January to attend as many of the lectures/workshops as possible and go through the exhibit floor in order to try and learn more about the marketplace before you actually try to pitch.  Info for this is at

Hope this helps and good luck!

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