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Where/How do I get a current industry accepted waiver to submit with a tv script?  I've been told it would need to be submitted with a script that is being returned to me.  I live in Illinois and would use a local attorney,as I do not have an agent.   Thank you

Hi, Mickey.

Every company uses a slightly different waiver.  Your best bet is to contact the particular company and ask for their waiver in advance of submitting.  One you have one waiver, if a company won't give you theirs, you can try modifying the one you do have to fit the particular situation.  I think you'll find many companies won't accept an unsolicited script, even with a waiver, so you should definitely call ahead first and get a specific name, rather than just something like "Story Department", and exactly what sort of material they are open to reading - you don't want to send a dark, heavy drama to a company that only produces happy, fluffy kiddie shows!

I was able to locate this form, which you might be able to work with:

Hope that helps and best of luck to you!

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