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I'm Stephen from Nigeria. I have been following your Q&A on this site and i feel you could be of help.
My company has a great TV reality idea that can sell well in the US but i don't know the first step to take or how to go about selling the idea internationally. Please advise if you can.

Hi, Stephen.

At the risk of seeming too dismissive of your idea, I feel I have addressed various forms of this question a number of times in the past.  If you can take the time to review the previously answered questions, you will see information relating to three different approaches, any or all of which may be helpful to you.

1.  MIPCOM - the international television marketplace (

2.  NATPE ( - including their conventions and the annual PitchCon coming to Los Angeles in May.

3.  A trial subscription to IMDBPro ( - to research producers, production companies, agents, and attorneys.

You will also see that I place a big emphasis on doing as much as you can to create the product before pitching - whether it's a sizzle reel, a sample episode, round one of a game show, or whatever affects your particular project best, try to create the best possible version of your idea in order to give your potential buyers something concrete to review.

I hope this helps you.  If you need something more specific, please feel free to write again.

Good luck!

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