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Hello Marissa, I am currently in the stages of creating a show idea; but a little confused on how to get the ball rolling. Do I find an agent? If so what kind of agent? And do I need to protect my ideas in anyway. I'd appreciate your help. -Roszina

Hi, Roszina.

You might want to really study some of the previously answered questions about ideas for how to get your show idea out there.  You definitely want to register your idea with the Writers Guild of America, and you the "poor man's copyright" I have described a number of times.

How you move forward depends a lot on the type of show you're trying to make.  You can look into television festivals and contests - check out the NY Television Festival or what's happening right now at SXSW for some ideas about new trends and new audiences.

There's also the National Association of Television Programming Executives ( annual Pitch Con coming up.  A lot of people will be looking for sales and/or representation there.

If you do decide to look for an agent, you also find info in the previously answered questions on using IMDBPro to locate agents who represent the kinds of shows you're trying to make.  You can also reach out to an entertainment attorney, and I've written about locating them through the articles in the "trades", especially the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER annual "Power Lawyer" story.

I hope this helps you get started, and wish you the best of luck!


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