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Dear Donna,

 I am a show runner/EP of a small production company in the NYC area, and I am considering the possibility of agency representation.  Our specialization is in high end sports docu-series.  Which agencies or individuals would you recommend?  



Hi, Josh - while I cannot recommend an individual agency, if your company already has shows on the air, you are right to consider an agent at this point.  All of the major agencies (e.g., ICM) have a presence in non-fiction in NYC, as do smaller ones, such as NS Bienstock.

Because so often access to pitch opportunities is restricted to (or at least preferentially set for) these lead agencies, you will do fine just to contact the top five, meet with Alternative agents and see who is a fit for your product AND your work style.  With existing broadcast and/or cable credits for your company, you should have no problem setting up intro meetings.

If your company does not yet have b&c credits but you are a credited showrunner, that, also, should suffice for a meeting.  

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