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I have written a book about a pioneer man..."Clarence-A Journey of 105 years." who  went through some very rough times. Being illiterate made his life very difficult after he left home.He went through life totally illiterate. When his wife died, he decided at the age of 93 that he would have to learn to read. He couldn't write out a grocery list or read the boxes in the store.He did learn to read...starting on his own...and then with help from me(his daughter). Google Clarence Brazier for much more as he became a media darling. I would like his story made into a movie film.
Any ideas?

Hello Doris

I suggest going through

This website is built for anyone in the film and photo production industry. It is here you should be able to find the appropriate people to take on your idea.

Good Luck, hope this helps,


Mike Dacre
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