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Hi Mike!

My name is Shawn and I'm from Singapore. I have a reality show idea (paranormal reality series) for years now and I also own my own paranormal team where we investigate locations internationally and the show idea is base largely on this.

I have created a document that depicts the whole idea I have for the show and we are working hard to do a sizzle reel for it now. We are looking to pitch the show locally and also internationally. Can I have your advice on where and how do I go about do it? And the most realistic way I should take now, like finding producers or productions companies to pitch the show to or etc?


Hello Shawn

Unfortunately there is no name that I can point you to directly but as you may or may not know.. in TV it quite often is "who you know" in order to get ahead... what I might suggest is, other than the obvious contact of each network directly through the companies internet website 'contact' would be to utilize the Mandy jobs search for possible director/producers locally where you want to get this idea promoted. The mandy job resource page located here:

By contacting individuals directly may be your best bet. Quite possibly one of them may have direct email addresses you can use to contact those in the know directly!

Good Luck and Happy New Year!


Mike Dacre
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