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Hi. Do you know of any agents or agencies that will work with people with no experience in the field? I already have a pitch and a mock commercial for the pilot.

Agents would not generally work with people without experience because they are paid commissions against your sales, and you are not likely to personally be remunerated for a reality TV pitch.  Instead, producers that sell shows are hired to run or work on those shows, based on their credits, and that's where the agents initially see commission payments.

Agents are not required to shop a reality TV pitch.  You will need a one-sheet and possibly a sizzle reel (use that term instead of "commercial" as you shop), and you will either sign waivers to submit to networks and production companies or attend conferences that will allow you to pitch (you will sign a waiver then, too).

Be sure to read my blog about what to expect as you shop - since we don't typically pay for pitches and you don't have the credits to assure you will be able to work on it, you want to be sure there is some win in this for you in doing all of the work it takes to shop a show.

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