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I have begun production of a travel show that focuses on accessibility for a wheelchair bound individual but also demonstrates the ability of someone in a wheelchair.  The show is called Rollin with Kristine.  It is currently available on You Tube.  How do I market it and find the support team needed to keep the show going?  I have received favorable responses from people stating the show is needed and welcomed.  Currently the show is funded from my pocket; however, in order to expand it sites visited, I need to find outside support.  
Thank you

Hi, Kristine -

Congratulations on your accomplishments!

It is indeed a terrific idea.

A couple of ideas come to mind.

- First of all, I would make sure the YouTube videos have been edited into a sizzle reel. Also prepare all the appropriate stats on viewers, ad clicks, etc.

- You could reach out to some of the organizations that specialize in supports for and the rights of those in wheelchairs and facing other issues.  They may have sponsorship funding or other resources available.
- has a directory of many of the companies that both make and sell syndicated programming.  These companies are your target.

- get a trial subscription to IMDBPro.  Use that to find out who represents the creators and producers of programming you think might be in the same family, but not necessarily competition.  Reach out to those agents and producers and ask them how you might submit for consideration.

- since you're spending money already, invest some of it into a public relations campaign.  Start by targeting online people & projects that review online series.  

- Try a crowdfunding campaign.  If you can get some high profile people to jump onboard, you'll go viral and get the attention of the people whose job it is to look for this kind of project.

- How about reaching out to some attractions in your area?  Maybe they would sponsor you for an episode that focuses on their location?

I don't know anything about getting sponsors or any of the agents that specialize in YouTube programming, but I'm certain that if you look into hit YouTubers with your IMDBPro subscription open in another tab, you'll find tons of info!

I hope this helps you get on the road to huge success.  Please write me and let me know how you're coming along!


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