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QUESTION: Mr. Dacre:
There is the station manager in control of programming at a station, but what is the job title of his boss, and could he come into the station to complain or address his concern about a show?
Could he be a nerdy type guy?

Thank you for your assistance, and if I have any incorrect idea, please let me know.

ANSWER: The station manager pretty much manages everything but doesn't program. that would be the program manager if there is one. also, the programming is only for 'local programming' as all 'network programming' is done through the network. Since most tv stations are 'affiliates' for a particular network (abc, cbc, nbc, fox or even pbs) the program manager and/or station manager will only be looking after the programming of the local content.

Most people in TV are nerds since they are mostly technical people.. unless it is front office staff such as sales people in advertising then yes most people are of the nerdy type.

Hope this helps


Mike Dacre
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QUESTION: Hello Mr. Dacre
I have a scene in my story where the station manager stops in program manager's office to ask about a certain program and the program manager tells him he will surprise him with changes made on show when it airs.
Is this realistic or how it could happen?



The program manager, nor the station manager have any control of the 'content' of the program so when you say 'changes on the show', this would not happen. The only the station manager could make changes to such things as the local news that airs live, in the way of possibly changing the format of the show.. such as having the weather as the first story (in the case there was bad weather that deemed it worthy of being the first story of the day) but other than that, no content can be changed from either of these people as the content of the show is contained within the show's producer.  


Mike Dacre
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