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Hi Mike,

I'm and autocue Operator and last week I tested out a Wireless Video feed to a steadicam.
Its an Analogue 2.4ghz Microwave trans/receiver. the Receiver was mounted onto the steadicam, where there was also a Terradeck to wirelessly show the DOP preview. The Transmitter was with me maybe 10ft away from the cam.

I noticed I was losing signal alot especially when the focus puller positioned himself between the Transmitter and Receiver. but also with the movement of the steadicam the signal flickered.

The Camera Op at the end recommend I try to boost the signal and mentioned a patch antenna. I was wonder do you have any experience with wireless video signals and how to boost them and if so could you make any recommendations as this is all pretty new to me.

Many thanks for your time in advance

Hello Dan

Actually your Camera Op is quite correct.. the only real way of dealing with this is to use a larger antenna. I have messed around with "video extenders/boosters" but they really don't do much, considering the additional box that is required to be hanging on the unit, not to mention the power it consumes for very minimal results. I found by using the larger antenna worked just as well and no complaints by the operator due to additional crap on the camera.


Mike Dacre

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