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I am a developmental optometrist with over 50 years experience in educating exceptional children. I have been interviewed by media personalities such as Barbara Walters, the late Mike Douglas, etc. I have written over 20 novels, and now I am seeking an agent to represent a new children's competition show akin to Jeopardy. It is based on common core curriculum and offers financial gain to winners nationwide.My VITA is very extensive and teaching professionals with whom I have shared this concept regard its entertainment value highly. I live in Florida, but I will travel to meet and be interviewed in any location. Thank you.

Hi, Martin.

I'm not personally in a position to represent you, but I'm happy to share some ideas.

- If you look through my previously answered questions, you'll see how I suggest using a trial subscription to IMDBPro to search out agencies that represent people and projects similar to yours.  

- Another topic I've discussed previously is utilizing the resources of NATPE to locate producers and production companies who might be interest in your project.

- In your case, and given the specifics of your idea, I would recommend reaching out to some Educational Organizations for endorsements that you can add to your pitch.  Teachers' groups, school boards, maybe a foundation?

- A "sizzle reel" always helps.  You could try crowdfunding to raise money, but again, given your material, I would suggest you consider preparing grant applications to some non profits, and then possibly setting them up to receive a percentage of the revenue from the series to further fund their efforts.  

- If there's a college or university near you with a television department, you could reach out to them to produce a couple of sample episodes utilizing local students.  Just make sure that everyone involved signs a document claiming their efforts are a "work-made-for-hire" under federal copyright statutes (you might want to engage an entertainment attorney to prepare documents).

Hopefully, this will get you started.  If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to write again.

Good luck!

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