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Who would I talk to about getting research about an old 60s TV Series? I've got a website devoted to Gilligan's Island, but there's still around 25 to 30 uncredited voices and actors who aren't identified on it that haven't been listed on the IMDB or similar websites. Would there be a source that still has this research?

Hi, William.

My best research indicates that CBS probably owns the rights to this show through one division or another.  I would recommend you try reaching out to their Legal Department.  If the cast members you're talking about got paid, there should be a record somewhere.  

Another place you might try is Screen Actors Guild (now known as SAG-AFTRA).  Their residuals department may have access to cast lists, but it's not likely given how much time has passed and that so many of the actors were not credited.  

You might also try and track down the estate of Sherwood Schwartz, the show's creator.  They might have his production files, if they were saved.  

Lastly, Dawn Wells still works in the business from time to time.  I have this contact info for her:  Maybe she has access to the info you're looking for.

I hope this helps you, and best of luck!

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