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QUESTION: Hi, i was wondering if you can help i have a jvc LT-32DA86J i don't know how old as i got it second hand but must be 5 to 6 years old.The problem is that it makes a buzzing noise ,noticeable when volume low  it only dose this out of ext 1, ext3(xbox) and hdmi , ext 2 there is no noise .  it is coming out of top of tv , i have checked audio inputs and they are fine , every thing i put through ext2  is fine it just hdmi and ext1,ext3 this occurs .It is more noticeable when running through hdmi , i changed cable but is the same. many thanks if you can help me

ANSWER: Are you sure of the model number?  The number you gave is a relatively new, expensive, LED model from JVC.  It is a wonderful set with outstanding performance.

It is quite unlikely the problem you are having is related to the electronic circuit and operation of the set. It much more likely to be associated with the cabling, connections or interference from some other device.

Proper grounding of the chassis of the tv to the chassis of the other connecting devices is important.  Most often these grounds come through the interconnecting cables but sometimes an external ground wire must be connected to each device.

The buzzing noise can be from the 100 hz full rectifier source or can sometimes be a video buzzing source that gets back into the audio amplifiers.  These must be tested or checked with meters or oscilloscope patterns.

Sorry, I don't have a specific suggestion for you but maybe these comments will inspire further speculation on your side.  Come back with further questions if necessary.


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QUESTION: Thank you for getting back to me i will look in to what you said. If i use ext1 ext3 and hdmi is it harmful to my tv with volume at normal i cant hear it so could use them but if the tv will blow up obviously i will not use them. the model is right i bought it as a ex rental ,it is a very good tv.
many thanks again .

ANSWER: Your revelation that you purchased used and that it came from  a rental agency makes all the difference in this case.  Left over rentals are generally very prone to basic problems.  Therefore, it is most likely the set needs some invasive troubleshooting to find out what has gone wrong.  Don't know what you paid for it but used rental tvs are very low value due to the abusive treatments that are usually victims of.

Turning up the volume should not cause any more problems than it already has.  If a input works, then use it.

And best wishes.  Thanks for your good question.

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QUESTION: Thanks you very much you have been very helpfull. You are correct the set only cost me 80 pounds should of been a 100 but got discount not on that tv but another, i returned 2 sets before i got this one as when i brought the other sets back and really looked at them under different lighting there were problems with the sets , the guy in the shop was getting really angry with me but i said just because the set is ex rental dose not mean that i have to take a set with obvious problems and why would i want a tv with great big black marks running down the screen , he said he sold the other sets i returned because there was nothing wrong with them i just said you dont know how to do your job then and walked out with the set , thank goodness this set was fine until now but picture is fantastic , i  dont think i will be very welcome there again lol. thank you very much for your help i will give you a great rating when i find out how to do it , thanks again. Paul

Sorry, I have elected not to take ratings.....

But thanks for your follow up comments and I wish you well.  Nice to hear of your issues and solutions.  I don't get much feedback from my correspondents and when I do it is helpful to know the course of action followed and if my comments were useful.  Thanks again and again.  

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