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QUESTION: We have a 20 year old Mitsubishi number ck-3526 R and the main video is ghosting and the menue is fine  . Have had 30 -40 ops replaced and we think its in another board . Can some one tell the fix to this problem , the tv is in very good shape and hate to get rid of it , thanks a so much for any help .

ANSWER: Sorry for the delay; I answered it a few hours ago but it did not go through.

There are so many possible causes for this.

Most common ghosting problems relate to reception when using an antenna.  You didn't state if you were on cable or antenna.   If antenna try reorienting it or replacing the connecting wires.  If cable it can sometimes be a cable wiring problem; often from a pinched or shorted cable somewhere in the house wiring.

If an internal electronic problem it can be just about anywhere in the video processing and deflection circuitry.

This model has a big history of bad capacitors as the set ages.  Some forum comments report as many as 30 or 40 caps being replaced.

Also, some crt technology sets like this one have deflection circuit problems or even the deflection coils on the neck of the tube being knocked out of position.

Can you give me an idea if the ghost is evident when playing dvds or vhs tapes?  Is it only on tv and not on video?  Are you using antenna or cable.  Does the image clear up when you power off and then back on during just the first few seconds?

Let me know more and maybe we can make some better guesses.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello , and we did try to rehook all cables and ran a video tape , all with no luck same ghosting . Its hooked to direct tv dish . We had a great picture but was rolling bad , had repair person come out and replaced alot of caps as he told us . fixed the roll but now caused the set to ghost not good and on main video. The on screen menu bars are fine no ghost on them . He needs to know what to replce to fix the problem , has no Mits contact any more to show what to replace to fix the problem . Thanks for your response to our problem, Joy &Jim

I believe this set has a delay circuit in the deflection processing section.  I do not know the location of it on the board but your repair gentleman should be able to find it.  There may be a bad cap or IC in that section that is the cause.

That is my best thought at this moment.

PS: Just a thought for your consideration.  The repair cost may be greater than it is worth.  Please go to the nearest thrift store such as Salvation Army or Goodwill, etc. and you can usually find good working older sets for $10 and up.  It may be a good alternative for you to look at.  If you cannot move the Mitsubishi set so easily due to it being so very heavy you could put the replacement television on top of it until you could get someone to help you move the big one out.  Or, you could put it on craigslist and maybe someone would be happy to take it free of charge for repair or parts.  

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