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QUESTION: my stereo reciever just didnt turn on one day was working earlier that day, but now it just says its on stand by and i get no sound??? the serial # is0e3001744050e, cat #31-5006..any info is much appreciated!!,,,,,,,,,kat

ANSWER: It maybe on standby!  Try just unplugging the power cord for a few minutes and power back on.  That may clear it.

If the above doesn't help it may have a bad speaker or wiring at the cause.  At the back of the receiver disconnect all speaker wires. Unplug the power and try again.  If seems ok then reconnect speakers one at a time.  When one causes it to go into standby then you will know that is the culprit.  It can be either the speaker unit or the wiring which is causing a short by one of the wire strands shorting out across the terminals.

If it doesn't seem to be caused by speakers disconnected or not then it may be a failure inside the receiver.  This is very common and requires investigation into the power supply and/or the output transistor.  Repair is quite expensive, maybe over $100.

Let me know if you have further questions.

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QUESTION: I unplugged both speakers still on standby... i can buy a new one for 120.00 so thats probably the route i will take..thank you for your time and answers....kat

Yes, I think that may be a wise solution.  If you shop around you can sometimes get receivers - of all brands - at very good prices.  So much of consumer electronics now days is what we call "throw away" because the frustration and expense of repair is greater than just throwing it away and buying new merchandise.

Wishing you the best.  

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