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I am pretty handy with electronics and hooking up wires and things but a friend gave me a surround receiver and if i only hook up one component it works great but if i try in plug in additional components (tv,stereo,computer) i get a loud hum from all speakers. As i said if i only do one it sounds great and works fine. It doesn't matter which ones i plug in or which component slot i plug it into to as long as there is only one component plugged in.

Without a model number of the receiver I can only give you some wild guesses.

My first guess is there is a grounding problem. The problem could be related to the cable(s) or the jack inside the set.  When the hum is usually related to an open ground OR a ground loop (double ground).

My suggestion is to try each cable from any of the connecting components to each input one by one and use different cables to see if there is a pattern of what works and what does not.

Also, Try disconnecting the power cord from the offending component. Sometimes the power cord gets inverted and the if the plug does not have the third pin for ground you may have to invert the power cord of the offending component.

If you have a jumper cable try connecting chassis grounds together; the component working properly to the component causing the hum.  (And watch for a spark to fly which usually indicates chassis ground problems between the units.

Maybe this will inspire you to do some experimenting that will help you find a pattern of the hum causations towards a solution.  Let me know more if need be.  

TV/VCR/Stereo Troubleshooting

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