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TV/VCR/Stereo Troubleshooting/Buzzing in TV when it is off


I have a Sanyo TV that is 10 or 15 yrs old in my bedroom. I just started noticing a buzzing sound coming from inside the TV not the speakers. It also buzzes quite loudly when there is a picture that has a lot of white like a white background with dark copy or a brightly lit background.
I was mainly afraid of it catching on fire or something. It even buzzes when I unplug it.

If it still buzzes when the power cord is unplugged it is not coming from the tv but from some other source.  Perhaps there is an appliance or power consuming apparatus nearby that is the cause.

Often the power transformer will buzz due to the laminations inside becoming loose and the magnetic fields inducing a vibration.  When the tv is off but still plugged in the tv still has some power because the remote receiver must be powered on all the time to receive a command from the remote control.  Therefore, the power transformer can or will vibrate and buzz even though the set is powered 'off'.

But, when the power cord is unplugged there is no electrical power to the set and the buzz of the transformer or any other component of the tv cannot produce any sounds.

I urge you to search carefully around the room for the real source of the sound when the set is unplugged as it is something that could be a hazard in your home.   Check the lamp or fan or any electrical apparatus in the room.

Best wishes.  Let me know more when you find out what is going on.  

TV/VCR/Stereo Troubleshooting

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