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Hi - I have an old (1992) Toshiba CF2772B, and something's wrong with the picture. It seems like the picture is too...tall, I guess? The top part of the screen is fuzzy and the top part of the picture is cut off - for example, when I hooked up my Wii, I couldn't see the top row of channel buttons clearly.

I'm wondering if it's possible to reset the picture size, and if it's a relatively simple process. I'm slightly tech-impaired so I can't manage much beyond the basics (although I have friends I could probably recruit if it's doable but somewhat more complicated).

Thank you!

Yes, it is old.  Twenty years old.  You should write a letter to Toshiba and thank them for making a set that will last this long!  It is a rare thing.  So, don't be surprised if a repair of the symptoms you have cost more than the worth of the set (which is close to zero!).

First, try a hard reset:  Unplug the power cord of the tv. Let it remain unplugged for at least 4 hours.  Then try it again to see if that clears the problem.

Secondly, try the wiggle and jiggle test.  Some times a loose connection will cause this.  Just smack the set all around the chassis top, sides, back, etc. with your hand or fist.  This may awaken a loose connection deep inside the tv electronics and bring it back to life.

If no results it will likely need service.  The problem could be in the deflection circuits such as the vertical amplifier or in power supply feeding the sweep circuits.

Finally, if you are brave you can try going into the service mode and see if you can adjust the vertical size.  However, I suspect there is a distortion problem requiring service, again.

You can find the procedure for getting into the service mode at this site:

You can google for other sites which contain similar information.

If you make adjustments you must write down the changes you made in case you have to go back to the original settings.  Failing to do so could bring upon you a very bad day as the adjustments in this mode are cumulative and after 2 or 3 adjustments have been made it makes a real mess getting back to the previous settings.

All the best!  

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