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I have a7-8ish year old Panasonic TV model #PT-43Lc14-K
the problem is there are thin green vertical lines, about 1/2 inch apart, across the whole picture, everthing else seems to working fine, the lines stay visible for a while even after the tv is turned off.

Any help appreciated:

I have heard this is related to a heat problem and that Panasonic has a repair for it.

Do the lines come only after the set has been ON for a while?

Try a fan blowing cool air to the back vents and see if that reduces or eliminates the lines.

I don't have any other suggestion.  In the worst case the display is defective and needs replaced at a very high cost.  In the best case it is a bad connector or cable from the driver board to the display unit.  Wiggling/jiggling the set or the ribbon cables inside the set sometimes cures these kinds of problems.

Sorry, don't have any better answers for you.   You might want to call the Panasonic technical team and ask for advice, also.  

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