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As many other customer, my sony tv presnets the same problem of double image can you let meknow which component needs to be replaced? which cards? Thanks Gianni

Sorry, I am not too familiar with this product - or any of Sony Plasma models.

My suggestion is to check the connections from the cable or antenna carefully and to a restore of channel settings by doing a complete auto channel scan.

About 50% of the problems I have read about are settings, cable connections and improper channel scan rather than problems inside the set.  

If double image remains the problem it will likely require some testing using special test equipment by a Sony authorized service facility.  It may in the long run require replacement of the main board or the display driver board/assembly.

Some Sony models have a service code which can be activated by a service scan. You would need to obtain the service manual for this model wherein it would have the scanning and failure code analysis.

I  could not find a 'free' download of the manual but there are many places where you can download it for a nominal fee of about $$10 to $$15 USD.

Sorry I can't give you more definitive information on this one.  

TV/VCR/Stereo Troubleshooting

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